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Results for the week ending 21/11/21

Midweek 17/11/21

Net qualifier: Keith Hedges 72

Best Gross: Blair Yeates 78

1st Stableford: Nick Barrowcliffe 35

2nd Stableford: Pip Kempthorne 34

3rd Stableford: Murray Jess 34

Saturday Scramble 20/11/21

Best Gross: Clyde Graf 73

1st Stableford: Cathy McBride 39

2nd Stableford: Ross Browne 39

3rd Stableford: Alan Peary 38

2x2's Jackpot: Ross Browne

Net Eagles Jackpot #5: Barbara Handley

NTP #1: Isaac Steel

NTP #18: Alex Drent

Sunday Scramble 21/11/21

Best Gross: Tony Whittaker 80

1st Stableford: Barry Preece 37

2nd Stableford: Ken Graham 35

2x2's: $7 N/S

Net Eagles #13: Tony Whittaker

NTP #18: Pete Anderson


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